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Thank you for your interest in OmniBazaar. The OmniBazaar marketplace, including OmniCoin and CryptoBazaar, is open.

The software is free to download and shopping in the marketplace is free. And, during the initial phase of the marketplace, we will even give you some free OmniCoins when you join, when you refer a friend, and when you sell something in the marketplace. We think that makes OmniBazaar and CryptoBazaar "better than free".

Remember, the marketplace is "live". So, you should only list products or services you are willing and able to sell.

If you make purchases, the bitcoins and OmniCoins you are spending are real money. Caveat emptor! ("Buyer beware!")

We are rapidly developing new features and fixes. Be sure you check frequently for updates.

Please submit any suggestions, bug reports or requests for support to

By clicking the download button below, you confirm that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms of our OMNIBAZAAR BETA AGREEMENT.

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